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Hi! I'm Seth.
I'm here to help you write.

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For the past 19 years, I've helped screenwriters, TV writers, podcasters, and young writers unlock their creativity and write moving and authentic stories.


Sharing your creative work is an incredible act of vulnerability and courage, two of the greatest gifts an artist can have. I know, because I'm a writer myself. I'm here to give you an expert eye and proven tools that will give your characters and audience the stories they deserve. Together, we'll nurture your story so it can be the best version of itself.

So whether you're a new writer, an old pro, or somewhere in between, don't hesitate to reach out! Working with artists is such a joy. Let's see what we can do, together.


Seth's Bio

Seth Julian né Shana Mlawski is author of young adult fantasy Hammer of Witches from Lee & Low and Audible Books. He is a staff writer and creative consultant for the award-winning sci-fi podcast Marsfall and has been featured in Vogue, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Wired, and many others.

As a writing coach, teacher, and editor, Seth has had the honor of working with a host of brilliant screenwriters who have gone on to

Sundance Film Festival

The Criterion Collection

Variety's Best Picture Contender List

The Black List Features Lab

WScripted Cannes Screenplay List

Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab

Tribeca All-Access

Distribution by IFC Films

Streaming distribution on Hulu

LALIFF & Netflix Inclusion Fellowship

Austin Film Festival

AFI Fest

NYSCA/NYFA Screenwriting Fellowship

USC Film School


...and many others. Clients have also become semi- & quarterfinalists in:

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship

HollyShorts Screenplay Contest

Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Filmmaker Fund

College and specialized high school applicants have won admissions to renowned institutions including

Yale University

Princeton University

Columbia University

Brown University

University of Chicago

Georgia Institute of Technology

Duke University

Northwestern University


Stuyvesant High School

Hunter College High School

USC Film School

Seth graduated with honors from Yale University and holds an MA in the Teaching of English from Columbia University Teachers College. He is the former Director of Education for

Seth is nonbinary and uses he/they pronouns. He is repped by Jess Regel of Helm Literary.


Hammer of Witches

A Young Adult Fantasy from Tu Books

Bookmaker's apprentice Baltasar Infante can weasel out of any problem with a good story. But when he awakes one night to find a monster peering  through his window, he’s in trouble that even he can’t talk his way out of.

As Baltasar’s journey takes him into uncharted lands on Columbus’s voyage westward, he learns that stories are more powerful than he once believed them to be—and much more dangerous.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.06.18 PM.png

Hammer of Witches:

Reviews & Raves

Kirkus Reviews

“An engaging, magical adventure... Mlawski’s central characters are imaginative and well-developed, and the swashbuckling pace and intriguing plotting keep readers at seat’s edge.”

Publishers Weekly

“Stories come alive in this rousing historical fantasy... a fast-paced coming-of-age adventure.”

School Library Journal

“Mlawski is creative and daring, blending genres to craft an informative and literary historical fantasy... a lively read for fantasy buffs.”

Lesley Livingston (Author of Wondrous Strange)

“Hammer of Witches is everything I crave in a story — magic, adventure, danger, depth, a rich historical setting, and an irresistibly charming hero. What a fantastic voyage!”

Diana Peterfreund (Author of For Darkness Shows the Stars)

“A dazzling, richly imagined tale about history, legend, and the fantastic power of story.”

Guadalupe Garcia McCall (Author of Under the Mesquite)

“Hammer of Witches is a historical revelation — an eye-opening magical carpet ride that takes the reader over the ocean and through the woods to an ancient time, full of beauty and grace, and the ever-present conflict between man's spirituality and his natural brutality.”

Joseph Bruchac (Author of Code Talker)

“A truly enjoyable energetic tale, a hero's journey that is filled with as much magic — and wry humor — as I've ever seen crammed into one story.”


“When Baltasar is caught by the witch hunters of the Spanish Inquisition, he flees aboard one of Christopher Columbus’ ships and heads for the New World, where unimaginable adventures await. The story is at its best when focusing on its array of intriguing characters: Jinni, the almost genie; Catalina, a girl with powers of her own; the Taíno shamans and rulers; and Baltasar himself, whose boyish charm is perpetually winning.”

Ways to Work with Seth

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