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Draft to Done Story Consultations

Let's finish that screenplay or manuscript, together.


It's time for some Story Therapy.

Our creative projects are our children. And sometimes, our kids need help.

You need the outside perspective of an expert.

Proven tools to help your piece grow.

You need someone who gets it.

What you don't need is a critic. I'm not here to tear you or your work down. And I'm not here to replace your story with my own.

Together, we'll locate your project's unique beauty

and make it the best version of itself.

So show me what you've got, whether it's a full draft or a few scenes. We'll take your project to the next level -- and have fun doing it.

By the end of our hour-long coaching call, you'll have:

An action plan

Your easiest next steps so you can get revising, joyfully

A story map

A bird's eye view of your plot, characters & themes to help you streamline your story & move your audience

A strengths list

So you don't lose sight of what makes your story important

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Success Stories

I trust Seth as a writer and script-doctor, so right off the bat I was excited to work with him. Seth really honed in on the key problems in the script and gave focused and sensible feedback on how to improve it. The script has significantly improved pacing now which was a direct result of Seth’s feedback.

Richa Rudola (The Seal, HollyShorts Screenplay Contest Semifinalist)


Seth is by far the best writing teacher I've ever had. I've really leveled up as a writer over the past year, and a big part of that has been his guidance, feedback and encouragement.

Heather Spilkin (When We Rise: The People Behind the Story; Breaking & Entering, Winner: Best Web Series Episode, Portland Comedy Film Festival)

Seth's perspective and clarity are such a gift to have as a screenwriter/artist. After receiving "helpful" feedback from a myriad of industry professionals, it's been so helpful to have Seth look at my work and give feedback that's simple, straightforward, and actionable. He's my not-so-secret weapon from here on out!

Ekwa Msangi (Farewell Amor, IFC Films; Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival; a Variety 2021 Oscar Best Picture Contender)

Seth enriched the first two seasons of my series with his wonderful analysis of character arcs, offering improvements that made better characters and a more coherent story, all without intruding on my own, personal voice.

Erik Saras (Marsfall, Podbean Top 10 Fiction Podcast & Webby Award Honoree)

I loved working with Seth, exploring ideas and stories I didn't even know I had in me. Both the quality and the quantity of my storytelling increased. I felt more of my authentic self on the page because of Seth's guidance and encouragement.

Monique Hazeur (Black Coffee & Beignets, New York Women In Film and TV New Works Showcase)


AS OF AUGUST 2021: I now offer a $50 discount for BIPOC, trans & nonbinary writers. You don't need to disclose your specific identity -- just ask about the discount and it's yours!

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