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The 30-Minute Brainstorm

A freeform coaching call to unstick your brain.

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What's your favorite writing lament?

“I have no ideas!”

"I have too many ideas!”

“I have characters but no plot!”

“I have a plot but no characters!”

“Is my story a thriller? Romance? YA? Sci-fi?"

"Is it a film? TV show? Novel? AAH”

“I have no ending. I have no ending. I HAVE NO ENDING.”

I can help you cut to the heart of your questions so you can move forward with your next project with confidence.

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Success Stories

I was quite stuck and down on my screenplay when I booked a consultation with Seth. The hope was to brainstorm some ideas, but we did better than that – we came up with a comprehensive analysis and clear direction for the screenplay. I was moved! Highly recommend Seth to anyone looking for screenplay help.

Nabil Viñas, NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Screenwriting

Stuck on a first (or twentieth) draft? Try our

Draft to Done Story Consultations.

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