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Testimonials & Client Success Stories

Success Stories: Testimonials
Ekwa Headshot.jpg

Seth's perspective and clarity are such a gift. After receiving "helpful" notes from a myriad of industry professionals, it's been so helpful to have feedback that's simple, straightforward and actionable. He's definitely my not-so-secret weapon from here on out!

Ekwa Msangi (Farewell Amor, IFC Films, Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, Variety 2021 Oscar Best Picture Contender)

Gabriella Moses-headshot-3.jpg

Working with Seth helped me organize my thoughts after the arduous task of knocking out a new draft on a feature I've lived with for three years. Seth provided many options to move forward and strengthen my structure and character relationships. He was open and easy to work with - easily adapting to what I was having issues with! I look forward to working with him in the future.

Gabriella Moses (Leche, Feature Film in Preproduction; WScripted Cannes Screenplay List; LALIFF & Netflix Inclusion Fellowship; The Black List Feature Lab)

Thato Mwosa Headshot.png

Seth picked up on all the details and nuances of my script. It was so helpful that I was eager to jump back into it because my mind was racing with ideas. I now know who to go to when I need script help.

Thato Mwosa (A Blue Dawn, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist; The Writers Lab Semi-Finalist)

Nabil Vinas.jpg

I was quite stuck and down on my screenplay when I booked a consultation with Seth. The hope was to list some ideas, but we did better than that – we came up with a comprehensive analysis and clear direction for the screenplay that I felt totally excited about. I realized that the film that had been brewing underneath for so long had finally come to the surface! Seth checks all the boxes and then some.

Nabil Viñas (Los Malos, Winner: New York State Council for the Arts/NY Foundation for the Arts Artist Fellowship in Screenwriting)

Richa Headshot1.jpg

I trust Seth as a writer and have a lot of respect for his skills as a script-doctor, so right off the bat I was excited to work with someone skilled who I trusted. Seth honed in on the key problems in the script and gave focused and sensible feedback on how to target those spots. The script has significantly improved pacing as a direct result of Seth’s feedback.

Richa Rudola (The Seal, HollyShorts Screenplay Contest Semifinalist; One Rose, Winner: Best Dramatic Pilot Screenplay, Nashville Film Festival; Semi-Finalist: Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Filmmaker Fund)

Nadhege Ptah headshot.jpg

[Seth is] one of the best, most gifted, nurturing teachers, who knows how to anchor your wild, creative ideas in a structure that doesn't feel stifling.

Nadhege Ptah (Paris Blues In Harlem, Official Selection: PBS Online Film Festival; Honorable Mention: New York Women in Film & Television Online Shorts Award)

Erik Headshot 2018.jpg

Seth enriched the first two seasons of my series with his wonderful analysis of character arcs, offering improvements that made better characters and a more coherent story, all without intruding on my own, personal voice.

HeatherSpilkinFinal4214 (1).jpg

Seth is by far the best writing teacher I've ever had. I've really leveled up as a writer over the past year, and a big part of that has been his guidance, feedback and encouragement.

Heather Spilkin (Breaking & Entering, Winner: Best Web Series Episode, Portland Comedy Film Festival; Official Selection: LA Femme International Film Festival)

Monique Hazeur Headshot 1.jpg

I loved working with Seth, exploring ideas and stories I didn't even know I had in me. Both the quality and the quantity of my storytelling increased. I felt more and more of my authentic self on the page because of Seth's guidance and encouragement.

Monique Hazeur (Black Coffee & Beignets, Official Selection: New York Women In Film and TV New Works Showcase; I Won the Lottery, Official Selection: Diversity in Cannes)

Mike Fischetti - headshot.jpg

Seth is always helpful with his critiques and acknowledging of what works. He gives great advice about how to progress your work both structurally and soulfully.

Michael Fischetti (Bruises, Winner: CUNY Film Festival LGBTQ Image Award)

Allison Taaffe headshot.jpeg

Seth was thorough, thoughtful, and encouraging. His edits and insights were incredibly comprehensive and made writing the final draft of my personal statement so much less daunting than it would have been otherwise.

Allison Taaffe (Emerson College, MA in Theater Education & Applied Theater)

Catherine Taaffe 3.jpg

Seth has a beautiful way of giving you the tools and the space you need to find your own voice. His approach is to teach you to find the joy in writing so that it is a lifelong practice. My writing has improved immensely. I've gotten braver in my writing and learned to lean in and tackle very personal topics. First and for most, Seth encourages writers to write straight from the heart.

Catherine Taaffe (Plan B(e), Miami Satellite Art Show)

Shae Lifson headshot.jpeg

Working with Seth on my MFA personal statements was incredibly helpful. He is encouraging and honest about how to improve.

merissa morin headshot.jpeg

I'm not sure if I would have a short film right now if it weren't for Seth. Thanks to an ongoing class with him and the chance to develop my script through multiple one on one sessions, I was able to move forward with the filming process and am now in the post production stage. I highly recommend working with him!!!

Annique Witdoeckt.jpg

THANK YOU SETH! That was incredible. I'm still giddy from all the help and breakthroughs and story therapy! I walked away from that session so (uncharacteristically) excited to get back to writing because now I have solutions to all the sticky plot and character problems that I just couldn't crack. I'm so grateful! And I'll be back!

Annique Witdoeckt (Fish Story, Official Selection: Chelsea Film Festival Women Behind the Lens)

wanjiru kairu 2.jpg

Seth's passion and meticulous eye for detail are unparalleled, making him an invaluable contributor to any project. Collaborating with Seth has been a remarkable journey, leaving a lasting impression on my storytelling craft. I wholeheartedly recommend him – his dedication truly sets him apart!

Wanjiru Kairu (Tethered, #Hashtag Cancelled, Feature Films in Development)

Seth offered me incredible insight into how I could elevate my script. I felt empowered and confident after speaking with him. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again on any of my upcoming projects.

Latasha Kennedy (One Last Goodbye, Winner: Oniros Film Awards)

Seth was a huge help in getting my MFA application materials together. He had a super quick turnaround when I needed it and was genuinely supportive of my creative vision.

Felicity LuHill (USC Film Producing Program)

Seth was incredibly helpful in helping structure important narrative points for my script. Grateful for the guidance. 

Janise Valentin (Oh Sweet New York)

Brainstorming with Seth was a delight! His advice helped lay down a concrete foundation for me to keep building upon and provided unique insights on how to keep everything cohesive and unified.

Yena Ku

Your suggestions for my writing were incredible. Even when I thought my essays were "perfect," you found new avenues for me to explore in my writing -- and helped me learn a little more about myself.

Kevin H. (Yale University)

My daughter applied to 16 colleges and was accepted by all of them. Many of her acceptance letters made reference to her well written essay. Overall, working with Seth was an outstanding experience.

Karen Gartenberg

Seth’s advice gave me all the tools I needed for my essay to reach its full potential!

Alana G. (Binghamton University)

I've truly learned a lot! Your feedback inspired me, and I can't wait to edit my essay. Thank you so much!

Rebekah W.

Seth's guidance and teaching skills are outrageous! He has a strong grasp of the screenwriting process and is a pleasure to work with.

Claudine Liss (And So Life Goes On)

Seth's knowledge is vast and detailed, his methods kind, humorous, and intelligent. I now write daily, feel creatively freer, and am not afraid to put ideas down.

Kaye Tuckerman (The Matrix: ReloadedNil By Mouth, Winner: IndieFEST Award for Best Woman Filmmaker)

Success Stories: Testimonials
Success Stories: Testimonial Form

Simply put, Seth is amazing. The guidance he provided to my daughter was invaluable and so spot on. I am truly grateful for the insight, ideas, and gentle nudging he provides her.

-Catherine O

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