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Script Doctoring Classic

When you need your script done (and done well), call in a professional.

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A good script doctor will...

  • Give your story momentum & clarity

  • Deepen your characters & their relationships

  • Sharpen your dialogue & tighten your scenes

  • Heighten your story's climax so you can

  • Leave your audience in awe, laughter or tears

Oh, and also? A good script doctor will

  • Save you money skillfully combining characters, scenes & locations.

To give you an idea: a recent script doctoring client was able to cut the production budget for her film by nearly 40% after I worked with her.

That's the power of script doctoring.

Script Doctoring: Service
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Success Stories

THANK YOU SETH! That was incredible. I'm still giddy from all the help and breakthroughs and story therapy! Thank you for going above and beyond and putting your incredible insight and deep knowledge of story structure to work on my story! I'm so grateful! And I'll be back!

Annique Witdoeckt (Fish Story)

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